ZChocolat – French Luxury Chocolate Tasting

One of my friends received an invite to attend a chocolate tasting event at the Waldorf Hilton Hotel last week. The event was being hosted by a French Luxury Chocolate company called ZChocolat. And luckily for me, he also invited me along!

(Image from the Waldorf Hilton website)

It was very nice inside the hotel, as expected from looking at the photo above. They had pretty chandeliers that looked like this:

It was a very interesting experience: People dressed nicely, excellent service from the waiters replenishing the slowly emptying plates of chocolate and a man playing a piano in the corner… you know, as you do.

All I can say is what a wonderful evening I had. We made the faux pas of ‘tasting’ (i.e. scoffing) too many chocolates in a short period of time. Within 15 minutes, we were done. But still, we stayed for 2 hours, which I think is pretty impressive considering I could not eat another piece of chocolate.

You wouldn’t believe the types of chocolate I tasted – all the flavours you could imagine! As well as all the combinations I would never have thought of – I mean ‘Pistachio-almond marzipan’ was absolutely disgusting! But these heart shaped dark chocolate ganache covered in white chocolate were nice.

But what I never expected, was the price tag with it. I mean look at this beautiful arrangement:

However, would you have ever thought it would cost this much!?! If you can’t see the price, I’ll tell you what it says: £124.53! Yes, you read that right!

But one thing I will say is that I will never ever be eating Coriander Praline (absolutely disgusting) or Ganache Violette (it tasted like soap) flavoured chocolates EVER AGAIN!

But each to their own – one of my friends actually quite liked some of the flavours I detested. The most incredible one was a white chocolate with a ganache and caramel centre. AMAZING. I wish I’d taken a photo, but unfortunately I was too busy eating it!

I just find these kind of events fascinating! I mean where else can you randomly attend shindigs like these? Only in London I say! 🙂

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