Carrot Cupcakes

I promised I would make Carrot Cupcakes for my colleague’s last day at work and so I spent ages searching for the perfect recipe. Trust me though, I don’t think it exists, or that I haven’t found it yet. Don’t get me wrong, the cupcakes turned out quite well, but when you haven’t tried and tested a recipe at least quite a few times, you never feel 100% satisfied. There’s always the ‘what if’s’ and ‘next time’s…’ Especially for me, a perfectionist!

But nevertheless, other than the disaster I had with the cream cheese frosting, this is a very good recipe adapted from the The Great British Book of Baking, from the popular BBC series ‘The Great British Bake Off’. The recipe is actually meant for a large cake, but I found it worked well in cupcake form as well…

Ingredients (approx. 12 Cupcakes):

250g Grated Carrots (approx 3 medium carrots)
3 Eggs, beaten
250g Light Brown Sugar
225g Self-Raising Flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
½ tsp Ground Ginger
1 ½ tsp Ground Cinnamon
½ tsp Ground Mixed Spice
150ml Vegetable Oil
100g Walnut Pieces (optional)

The method:

1. Preheat the oven to 180ºC/Gas mark 4. Sift the flour, baking powder and all the spices into a bowl. Add the sugar.

2. Mix in the beaten eggs, sunflower oil and grated carrots. If using the walnuts, add this to the mix as well.

3. Once mixed and combined thoroughly, divide the mixture between all the cupcake cases (no more than ¾ full) and bake in the oven for approx. 25 minutes.

4. When out of the oven, allow it to cool whilst you make the cream cheese topping. I wouldn’t recommend the topping recipe I got out of the book because it was extremely runny despite adding more than double the amount of icing sugar instructed and chilling in the fridge. So I’d recommend you use your own tried and tested recipe (I am still searching for mine).

Despite the runny frosting, it still tasted good and the flavours in the cake came through really nicely which is the main thing. Enjoy!

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