Mamounia Lounge – Knightsbridge

I like to mix it up a bit on this blog. As well as cooking and experimenting at home, I like to wine and dine out – (minus the wine)! Believe it or not, I don’t drink alcohol. But nevertheless, it doesn’t stop me from having a good time! Last year in October I managed to bag myself a really good deal on Groupon – a Three Course Moroccan Meal For Two People for £27 at Mamounia Lounge, Knightsbridge (worth approximately £70). I must say I am a little bit addicted to Groupon because, even though I may not purchase deals all the time, there will be moments when I can’t resist a good deal – usually when it comes to food!

They do however come with an expiration date – understandably. February seemed so far away when I bought this back in October, but oh how quickly it came around. I made my way to Knightsbride and passed the beautifully lit Harrods on my route to the restaurant with one of my good friends and was very excited to try the food, especially after a hard days worth of work in the office (ha ha).

I checked out the menu online beforehand – the Mamounia Lounge website gives you a true impression of the atmosphere of the place. I love Moroccan décor so this was just the perfect place for me. I loved the colours, the mood lighting, and the atmosphere – just wonderful.

We ordered our food and awaited our starters, which in the end was really delicious. I ordered the ‘Hommus Kawarma’ which is a ground chickpee puree served with pan-fried lamb and pine nuts. My friend ordered the Calamari. 

The flatbread which accompanied our starter was so divine that I am drooling just thinking about it as I write this. You could taste that it was made fresh on the spot, there and then and had just come out of the oven. So soft and delicate and comforting like a pillow – I could just eat that all day long!

For my main I wanted a tagine dish. When in Rome and all that – but in this case Morocco of course. I ordered the ‘Kafta Tagine’ which is spiced minced lamb, served in a special tomato sauce and accompanied by rice. It tasted good, but I felt it needed to either have 1 or 2 more meatballs or they needed to be a little bigger as it seemed like they were drowning in the sauce. However, reviews should mainly focus on the taste, which did not disappoint.

My friend ordered the Lamb Skank and Chickpea Tagine which was also served in a tomato sauce. I tried a bit of the lamb and it just melted off the bone – delicious!

We ended up ordering the same dessert because there is no better way of ending a meal than with Baklava – my most favourite treat to eat! I particularly liked the almond and syrup based one (pictured in the centre) which is usually one I avoid when buying baklava because I find they tend to be too dry/hard and not so tasty. But this was on a whole another level. The other baklava’s were nice, but not as nice as the one in the grocery store near me on Edgware Road (in Paddington) called ‘ABY’. Seriously guys, if you ever get a chance to come down to this end of Edgware Road – get yourself some baklava from this shop! I’ve tried baklava from soo many places, and nothing beats their ones.

But in summary of my experience at Mamounia Lounge, I loved the décor, the food and the staff were pleasant. However, if it wasn’t for the voucher, I don’t think I would make this a regular place to visit because the menu is a little bit on the pricey side – especially when it came to the tagines, costing the average price of £19.50 each. Luckily the voucher covered the 3 courses, but you have to remember that you pay for all your drinks and service charge is added on top – one of the small prints some people overlook, but luckily I was prepared. Maybe next time I will attempt to make my own Moroccan meal. Now, where can I get my hands on a tagine…?

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