Bake-A-Boo Afternoon Tea

I wanted to share pictures from my time today at the vintage afternoon tea at Bake-A-Boo Bakery in West Hampstead, London. The bakery is well-known for catering for people with dietary needs, for example, with gluten and/or dairy free cakes.


The story behind how I got here is adorable, so I just had to share it with you! My friend’s partner arranged this whole thing without her knowing and we were given secret instructions telling us where to meet and what to do. I loved the whole secret squirrel style mission and we ended up here – all expenses paid!IMG_8167

The décor was really cute and gave off a lovely vintage homely vibe which I adored. We were sat at a table for two, excited and ready to start our afternoon tea session.IMG_8165

There was a selection of unlimited re-fills of teas available to us and I went for a fruity number, strawberry and kiwi tea, which was delightful. The second time round, I went for the vanilla tea which was a black tea infused with vanilla, which was also very refreshing.IMG_8168

My friend had the dairy free options but mine was the normal afternoon tea tiered selection of chocolate covered strawberries, slice of banana bread, chocolate Oreo brownie, vanilla cupcake, finger sandwiches and scones with clotted cream and jam.IMG_8178

I think the highlight for me out of the array of goods offered today was by far the delicious scones and the strawberry and kiwi tea. The texture and taste of the scones were divine and of the perfect consistency. It’s usually very hard to find scones with that right balance, so it stole the show for me – compliments to the chef (well… baker).IMG_8188

Here’s our whole table covered in naughty treats! What a pleasant surprise and a wonderful time spent with a genuinely lovely person who made it so easy for me to spend ages chatting and laughing away – for 4 hours in fact!IMG_8180

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