La Pâtisserie des Rêves in London

It’s been a long week but I’ve finally got around to telling you about the most wonderful patisserie that has opened up in London just last week!

Around a year ago, my friend had told me about this patisserie in Paris and brought me back a Kouign Amann to try and it was like love at first bite. The sweet, caramel, fluffy, buttery, brioche-like goodness was an explosion of flavour in my mouth, which I wanted to eat for the rest of my life!

So when I went to Paris last year, a visit to La Pâtisserie des Rêves was definitely on the cards. The shop is an attraction itself, with it’s funky central pastry display with it’s innovative glass bell jars (Verrines). There were just too many things I wanted to try. I mentioned it in my Oh la la… treats in Paris post.


So when I found out that the amazing French pastry chef Philippe Conticini was opening his latest shop on 43 Marylebone High Street, I was super excited! It also happens to be less than a 10 minute walk from work for me… this could be very dangerous, I know.


I decided that I wanted to be one of the first people there on the day of the opening, so I made my way down there just before work and saw the staff putting the final touches in place before they opened their doors to the public.

Going into the shop was surreal, I actually felt like I had stepped foot into Paris again. The display was amazing as expected and apparently all the baked goods had come in from Paris that very morning.

Philippe Conticini himself was there at the opening of the shop and I am really gutted I didn’t get a photo with him (I was too shy and a little bit star-struck to be honest). But he happened to be standing outside whilst I was taking a few pictures and so there he is! IMG_5821

Here are a few of the items on display… the Paris-Brest IMG_5819

Tarte au Citron IMG_5822

The famous Saint-Honoré IMG_5825

The delicious Tarte Tatin IMG_5827

The Grand Cru (which I am yet to try)


These mini Paris-Brest looked amazing too! IMG_5837

A lovely selection of their freshly baked pastries IMG_5835

Gigantic Brioche – I wanted to get this but it was the size of my head, if not bigger! IMG_5836

This loaf looked incredible, I could imagine the buttery layers once taken apart.IMG_5840

Their packaging is really bright and eye-catching and made me want to buy everything. IMG_5846

I couldn’t resist and just had to buy a selection of things to try. I wish I could have eaten it all on my own but that would’ve been greedy and highly calorific, so instead I shared it with friends after dinner as a treat. IMG_5855

I bought the mini Paris-Brest, Saint-Honoré, slice of Tarte Tatin and an Eclair au café. I also bought a few Kouign Amann’s and Brioche Feuilletée. All delicious, all indulgent and just so good.

IMG_5848 - Copy

One thing that has changed since the last time I ate a Kouign Amann is the shape. It is now shaped like a stick, which I wasn’t sure if I would like as much. I must say, it still captures the incredible flavour, but it is much crunchier than before. I liked the doughy element to it’s previous shape, but I suppose I’ll just have to get used to this now.IMG_5856 jpeg

I follow La Pâtisserie des Rêves on instagram and saw that they had sold out of everything by the end of the first day of opening – incredible!IMG_5858 jpegAnd last but not least, I don’t usually post photos of myself on here, but as I was one of the first people there at the opening, they took a photo of us and posted it online too. That’s me on the right – my umbrella even matched their branding. (I wasn’t there at 7.30 though!)

You must go and visit their shop in Marylebone – it is a delight in so many ways and possibly the best patisserie in London!

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