Hovis Chia Bloggers Brunch

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to a Bloggers Brunch with Hovis and Chia by the lovely Lauren. I was intrigued to find out exactly what this would involve. All I knew was that I needed to think of some winning sandwich and toast combinations. With my thinking cap on, I explored flavours that not only sounded good, but tasted even better.Hovis Chia Brunch 1

Hovis Chia Brunch 2I arrived to a full spread of colourful breakfast and lunch foods and I couldn’t wait to get creative. And when I found out there was a competition involved, I thought ‘BRING IT ON’.

I did however forget I was in a room full of foodies who really know their stuff, so wasn’t off to a great start – these people were good!Chia Co TeamThe lovely people from The Chia Co. told us all about the origins of chia as well as the nutritional benefits. I knew chia was a superfood which had become increasingly popular amongst the health conscious, but I didn’t know why. Did you know that chia is the highest plant based source of Omega 3, fibre and protein, as well as being rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants? Well I didn’t, and now I’m on a mission to incorporate it into my diet wherever possible.

You may have seen that Hovis and The Chia Co have partnered to bring us Hovis Seed Sensations Chia Bread. And I’m the type of person who is obsessed with bread, in any shape or form. I will eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I can. So I thought this was a wonderful way to get more chia in my life.Brunch ingredientsOur first challenge was to create the ultimate chia sandwich. This was quite a daunting thought after my overconfident start. People started grabbing ingredients and putting together their sandwiches whilst I sat there and stared at everything in front of me. How was my sandwich going to trump all of theirs? The truth was, it wasn’t, so I decided to change tactics and just make a sandwich I knew I’ll downright enjoy eating. So using smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado and spinach, I created a tower of a sandwich. Look at those layers!Sandwich 1

Sandwich 2

Sandwich 3The next challenge was to come up with the most inventive toast topping. I needed to bring my A game here. Being a perfectionist, I knew this one needed to be pretty. This was the challenge I was most looking forward to because I’d put some thought into it. I thought about all the great flavours I’d come across over the last couple of years, and my first trip to Paris came to mind. I remember going to this incredible place called Jacques Genin, which is renowned for it’s chocolate, and I also ate a tarte au citron infused with basil there and it just blew my mind.

I wanted to bring an element of this to my toast topping, so I finely chopped fresh basil and added it to some cottage cheese with a few squeezes of lemon, which became the base. Now to make it look pretty, I selected some fairly equal looking strawberries and sliced them to place neatly on top. Add a drizzle of honey for some sweetness to counteract the sharp lemon. And a sprinkle of chia on top, et voila!Toast 1

Toast 2

Hovis Chia ToastNeedless to say, I didn’t win any of the challenges, but my photos did look so damn pretty!

I went to the event not knowing what to expect and came out having a great time. I ate some really tasty food and learnt so much about chia. And to top it all off, they kindly sent us a crate full of goodies that I got VERY excited about. Just look at all of this! Now all I need to do is find the perfect place to store it…Hovis Chia Crate Collage

Hovis Chia Bread Crate Inside

I may have eaten the whole loaf of bread by myself… no regrets! If you find the Hovis Seed Sensations Chia Bread in your local supermarket, do give it a try. You know you’ll be getting some real goodness into you!

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