Maoz Vegetarian

I just had to share my new found love for falafel with you all. It’s something that people tend to love, but I fell out of love with it a long time ago… until last night! I kept finding disappointing flavourless and dry falafel wherever I went. But my colleague suggested we go there for a bite to eat after our work Christmas party and it was the best decision! How have I never heard of this place before?

Falafel MaozYou can get a falafel pitta with several choices of fillings such as Humus, Babaganoush, Avocado and Feta cheese boiled egg. You then have a self-service salad bar for you to add anything and everything you want into your pitta with the choice of all the sauces you can think of. The garlic sauce, couscous and the pickled carrots were my favourite.

Let me just say, all the extras aside, the falafel was amazing and the pitta tasted freshly baked – nothing like shop bought ones. 

There are many combinations to try so I will definitely be going again. Add a drink to your meal, and it is satisfyingly filling and complete.

It’s based in Soho, London on Old Compton Street, so if you’re close by I would definitely recommend you give it a go!

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