Fera at Claridge’s


With such a busy lifestyle, it’s quite rare for me to get excited about something that I can’t wait to go home and blog about it. I love reading so many wonderful blogs on a daily basis, so it can be tough trying to keep up with blogging and to be as good as these people. So I’ve needed to rediscover my love for it for a while. 

But when one of my closest friend’s came to town, who also happens to be one of the biggest food influencers in my life, I just couldn’t wait to book in some exciting foodie dates. Michelin-starred Fera at Claridge’s in Mayfair was one on the list.

Claridge’s has always been a place I could see myself going to for a special occasion. But when they have such an incredible set lunch menu for £39, how can you resist? When I found out that I would have a very rare Friday off from work, I booked this lunch in asap!



My dining experience at Claridges was perfection from start to finish. From the moment we were greeted and sat down at our table, to the point when we paid our bill, it was an absolute joy. I’ve been to a fair few nice places in my time, but my Claridge’s experience pushed itself right to the top.



To start we were given a little snack that was bursting with colour. A chickpea crisp with a blue cheese cream, topped with a variety of edible flowers. And some delicious bread with salted butter.


For my starter, I had the Cod and parsley mousse. It was truly a work of art, which not only looked great, but exploded with flavour. It tasted so fresh and light, but at the same time, was quite filing. The kohlrabi ribbon added such a lovely crunch to each bite, whilst the mousse bound the other components together in such a delicate way. The burst of tanginess from the juicy tomatoes brought it all to life and I’m now feeling hungry just thinking about it. The surprising light mint sauce ramped up the freshness to another level, especially as I hadn’t expected it to be there.


My friend had the pork jowl which I obviously wasn’t able to try, but the murmurs of joy told me she was enjoying it… a lot.


My main was quite a surprise. I went for the vegetarian option, and I can testify that I really didn’t miss the meat. When I read ‘Caramelised onion squash’, I rather sarcastically thought ‘oh joy, here comes half a roasted butternut squash’! And oh boy, was I about to be proven wrong.

My dish came with squash, girolle, courgette, cobnuts, hazelnuts with a sheep’s milk cream. The combinations of textures and flavours, and the meatiness from the girolle, just blew my mind. I scraped every last bit off my plate, because it was that good.


My friend had the Hake wrapped in cabbage with runner beans, parsley root, sea purslane and mussel sauce. I would’ve gone for this option if it weren’t for the mussel sauce (I don’t eat shellfish). But I tried a bit of the fish and it was cooked to perfection. Just divine.


For my dessert, I had the raspberry buttermilk custard with the elderflower snow. Yes you read that right – snow. It looked like snow, it felt like snow and it tasted like (yummy) snow. It reminded me of a delicious lemon sorbet I once had in Rome. The guy at the restaurant was so proud of his homemade sorbet, that he wouldn’t rest until I tried it. And till this day, no sorbet has ever lived up to it. Until I tried this elderflower snow.

Quite recently I had bought a few punnet’s of raspberries from the supermarket and was so disappointed with the flavour as it was tasteless. In my opinion, raspberries should be sharp and pack a punch. I had my fingers crossed that these would restore my faith in raspberries again, and it certainly delivered. I am always so astonished how chef’s and recipe developers come up with weird and wonderful flavour combinations. The light raspberry tuile-like shards were so tasty. With each bite, I added raspberry, some buttermilk custard and elderflower snow and it was like a party in my mouth. The custard helped tone down the sharpness, whilst the raspberries did their thing. What more can I say about it?


I tried some of my friends dessert – chocolate, chamomile ice cream with almond and apricot. It was delicious, especially the crunchy nutty centre, however, after a day full of eating (we went out for a big breakfast in the morning too… oops), the fruity end to my meal was just what I needed.


To finish, we were given 2 petit fours to try. The green one tasted slightly soapy from what I remember, with a dried up sponge texture. But then the flavour evolved and I quite enjoyed it. Whereas the other one looked a bit odd, but was delicious white chocolate.

I thoroughly enjoyed my lunch at Fera and would do it again in a heartbeat. I know it’s a little pricey for lunch, but for such great quality food at a Michelin-starred restaurant, this is an absolute steal. The staff were so friendly and attentive, which really made the experience even better. I would recommend this to anyone looking to indulge or treat themselves. And especially those looking to make any occasion special.

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2 thoughts on “Fera at Claridge’s

  1. Wow! I too was there on Friday 6th. A special birthday treat ftom my daughter. We too had the set lunch. It was my first Michelin starred meal. I have always thought the concept somewhat pretentious but I found the whole lunch experience exquisite and thoroughly agree with your comments. The food was amazing and the service both friendly and faultless. I even received a card from the staff and a delicious coffee cake after the dessert course. I cannot wait for a return visit!

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    1. Hi Marilyn, thanks for your comment. I’m so glad you also had a wonderful experience! I know what you mean too, it surpasses your expectations when you visit a Michelin starred restaurant for the first time. I hope you had a lovely birthday – that coffee cake sounds great! 🙂


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