Exploring Borough Market

I enjoy exploring different parts of London – especially the markets. They’re places which are pretty much world renowned, and I’ve most probably walked or driven past them before, but have never stopped and looked around.

So one of my good friends and I decided to check out Borough Market one Saturday and found the most amazing fresh produce and baked goods. There is so much to see in the 3 parts of this particular market: Jubilee, Middle and Green Markets.

Here’s a few pictures of my amazing discoveries – if I had the money, I’d buy one of everything!

Some pretty cakes on display!

Amazing looking cake – I want to try making this one day!

Soo many bread options! What to buy…?

Many flavours of pie!

How clever is this? Bread in a flower pot!

I just love these colours – they’re incredible.

These Baklavas are HUGE! I bought one for myself 🙂

The name made me laugh… A LOT!

The day out in the rain and cold was finished off with a mug of hot chocolate in a cafe…

…and a layered coffee cake! Yum!

I would definitely recommend checking out Borough Market – grabbing lunch at one of the food stalls is well worth it too.

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