World Street Food Festival 2012 in London

Being a foodie in London has it’s perks because you find yourself gravitating around other foodie types ‘in the know’.

But with my special interest in keeping up-to-date with food related events and activities around London, I found out about this amazing event via social media (you’ve got to love it).

The World Street Food Festival took place along the Southbank between 1st – 5th June 2012 and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend. It was an opportunity for street food that is sold across the world to be represented in one place, the hub that is London.

I loved how the aroma of food from all cultures and their unique styles of cooking brought an amazing buzz around the event.

There was a quote on their website that really stood out for me:

‘Cooked in front of you while you wait, street food is not about snobbery, fine dining and pretension but about sharing in a communal experience of affordable, great value, exciting, ‘fresh as you can get’ food.’

And that is literally what you got at this event. It just goes to show that at the end of the day, it’s actually all about the food and not always how it’s dressed up to be. I know food styling is a big thing in the foodie world; I will put my hands up to admit I am a huge sucker for it, but it’s events like these that bring the true meaning behind ‘real good food’.

There were quite a few stalls that caught my attention, not only because they pleased my eyes, but my nose as well. One of them being the Spanish stall from ‘Jamon Jamon’. It’s a shame I couldn’t try it, as it wasn’t halal, but I just know it would’ve tasted great – the queues said it all really.

My favourite food stall was the Moroccan one called ‘Nomades (and it being halal was a bonus, but I would’ve happily eaten the veggie options). They use traditional family recipes and fresh ingredients to create spice blends and sauces, which they also sell.

I ate the Kofta & Potato wrap which was delicious! And my friend enjoyed her Spinach & Feta Wrap which was also divine. The mix of flavours and spices were just right and I felt that I could try every option on that stall. I actually wish I’d bought some of their sauces!

And don’t even get me started on how much I love the Arancini Brothers food stall! Nomatter which food festival I go to, they are there; and I ALWAYS WITHOUT FAIL have to go and get some of their Risotto Balls. If you haven’t tried them with the garlic sauce, then you haven’t lived:

They offer salads, home made sauces and wraps to go with it, but for me, the risotto balls are amazing just as they are:

My only regret is not taking enough photos during my time there, as I was too busy taking silly photos of my best friend eating strange looking creatures from shells (or as normal people call them, oysters).

I found it really interesting to see how they ‘shuck’ the oysters, but would never try one. I’m pretty sure they’re haram (bad, forbidden) anyway. And I won’t embarrass my friend by putting up her unladylike photos on here.

I tried food in some other stalls, but they were so unmemorable, that they’re not really worth mentioning in my opinion.

But I know for sure that I will aim to be there next year when they hold this event again, or at least recommend it to everyone I know because the food was to die for.

Check out the Real Food Festival website as they are the ones that put together these great events.

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