Brunch at Kopapa

I’ve been wanting to go for brunch for a while now but just haven’t got around to it. But one thing I do know is that London has some incredible places that cater for that exact craving of mine. So one weekend a few weeks ago I recruited a friend to go with me and I got researching into potential places to eat.

One useful source of information was the Time Out website which highlighted what they believed was London’s best breakfasts and brunches – and they weren’t wrong about that either! This is where I found this hidden gem.

We decided upon Kopapa, based in Central London at the Seven Dials, Covent Garden. I read the reviews, I checked out the Kopapa website and most importantly, their menu. I loved the uniqueness of what they offered – food with a twist. I mean ‘whipped yoghurt’ and ‘hot chilli butter’ in one dish? Interesting…


What the photo above does not show you is the huge queue we had to join – this place was super busy and packed! I tried to reserve a table the day before but they were fully booked and told me there was a possibility to sit at the bar if we waited. So that’s exactly what we did – we were determined. We may have queued for over half an hour but it was SO worth it!


When it came to the drink, I was at a loss. Whilst waiting in the queue I’d seen people get served with amazing colourful juices which looked really refreshing in pink, green and orange! But once I saw this on the menu, I just couldn’t resist – the sea salt caramel milkshake. It was rather light, frothy and refreshing itself – not as heavy as the ones usually made with ice cream.


Although I knew we were here for brunch, I was tempted by this sweet treat – Kopapa’s date scone. It was so yummy, even without the butter and jam. The dusting of icing sugar on top just made it taste oh so good and the flavour was divine.


My friend ordered Kopapa’s bacon, Emmental & chive muffin which I was informed was also very tasty.

IMG_9285And this Pièce de résistance was what I ordered: ‘Turkish eggs’ from Changa restaurant in Istanbul – 2 poached eggs with whipped yoghurt, hot chilli butter & 2 slices of sourdough toast.

It was AMAZING. I read about this in the reviews and I was curious to know how this combination would taste and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. The yoghurt and chilli butter went so well together and I liked the touch of a spicy kick. Whilst I dunked pieces of my toast into the bowl, I found that each bite tasted different – an incredible achievement for any dish.

The service was fast, unsurprisingly they had a really quick turnaround because of just how busy they got. And it got me wondering why they haven’t expanded yet? This place is too small to cope with the demand and popularity. But I found out that they have the original restaurant in Marylebone called The Providores & Tapa Room.

I would totally recommend you try this place out – I think I paid around £18 in total for my brunch experience (and that’s including the service). I would highly advise you book a table in advance though – like a week in advance! Although it worked out okay for us in the end, it always sucks to queue. After all, we’re Londoners! We don’t have time to queue! (Just joking).


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