Oh la la… Chocolat Chaud in Paris

Back in February of this year I went to Paris for the first time for a few days with my sister and a friend. Even though the weather was pretty cold, we made the most of our time there. Whilst doing all the key sight-seeing, we also managed to visit some incredible patisserie’s that my friend had discovered during many of her trips to Paris. One of which was the incredible Jacques Genin, famous for it’s chocolate and pastries.



We were there for 2 things though… the amazing hot chocolate and the delicious made-to-order mille-feuille.


How do I describe the most luxurious, rich, velvety hot chocolate I have ever tasted? Oh… I think I just did! I like my hot chocolate a bit on the sweeter side, so I did add some sugar to it, but it was delicious. I loved how it was served in individual tea pots as well. This is a must try when in Paris in my opinion.IMG_8955

Out of the limited choices of fillings available for the mille-feuille, we decided to order the hazelnut and vanilla. My friend, who has visited Jacques Genin before, decided to go to for something a little different. The tarte au citron with basil. Sounds strange but it was to die for! This flavour combination really worked.JacqueGeninThe mille-feuille was delicious, with the right balance of pastry and filling. Even when cutting through, the layers remained in tact – a sign of good pastry. Out of the 2 flavours, I would have to say the hazelnut was my favourite. But the combination of thick, rich hot chocolate and the pastry with creamy filling was too hard to finish, despite being delicious. We were given a few complimentary chocolates which we took away with us instead.


Their display of chocolate was amazing too! I love all the prints on them and how they are solid, yet still melt in your mouth.

The whole experience from start to finish at Jacques Genin was lovely. The price was also reasonable. Next time you’re in Paris, maybe you should give it a go!

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