Oh la la… Ladurée in Paris

When in Paris, one must visit Ladurée on Champs Elysées! So that’s exactly what we did during our visit there back in February.


The outside looked magical and the displays so inviting – we couldn’t wait to go inside and get some brunch!IMG_8594

Having gone for a fruity flavoured tea, we looked through the menu to choose a selection of treats, and boy were there lots to choose from!DSC08980

The croissants have the French buttery taste and the sweet treats we ordered were lovely!IMG_8784

My pastry was Plaisirs Sucrés – Dacquoise cake with crushed hazelnuts, crispy praline, milk chocolate thin leaves, chocolate ganache, milk chocolate, Chantilly whipped cream. YUM!IMG_8607

We then lined up to buy some treats to take back to the hotel with us – we wanted to try everything! They’re renowned for their packaging.IMG_8612Some incredible bakery goods!


Looks too good to eat!IMG_8791

I loved all the packaging. Maybe we bought more than just a few things…IMG_8792


Tarte Tatin


Passion Raspberry Tart – Sweet pastry filled with smooth passion fruit cream and raspberries.


I can’t remember what this one was called but it was sweet and nutty.


Rose Raspberry Saint-Honoré – Puff pastry, cream puff pastry filled with light rose petal custard cream and raspberry compote, rose-flavoured Chantilly whipped cream, rose syrup fondant and raspberries.


The most amazing Palmier I have ever tasted!

IMG_8793Some interesting flavours of macaroons.

Having been to many other patisserie’s during our time in Paris, we discovered that each one offered something different. One was better at doing the basics, the other offered some incredible specialities. So all in all, I wouldn’t say Ladurée was the best, but it certainly was worth the visit, especially for the experience and service for sure.

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