Wagamama… Oishii!

I met a few friends for dinner on Friday after work and we had a scrumptious meal at Wagamama’s! And as per usual, I just had to take photos of it all 🙂

Mmmmmm… I would eat this all over again!

Our selection of vegetarian starters… well what’s left of it after we attacked it!

Asparagus and Shiitake Mushroom Gyoza, Yasai Gyoza and Summer Spring Rolls (the green leafy bundle on the left which was a let down by the excessive use of mint leaves)!

My yummy Yasai Katsu Curry! It used to never disappoint. And now, even though it was nice, it just didn’t match up to the standards of the one I had in Japan. You soon realise that the version we have in this country has been significantly adapted to the ‘Westerner’s taste’. The curry sauce tastes completely different in Japan, where it obviously originates, so the Wagamama sauce is a little misleading. But oh well, if you don’t know any better, what difference does it make to the average Wagamama diner?

I need to learn how to make the proper sauce… all the other parts are pretty self-explanatory.

My friends main – Amai Udon. Looked yum (minus the prawns as I’m allergic to them)!

My other friends main meal – Yasai Chilli Men. Sorry for the slightly blurry photo – I didn’t see this until later when he’d eaten his food!

And finally my amazing Japanese Cherry Cheesecake dessert. It was soft, moist and delicious! Mmmmm…

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